The Product Channel Hit Equation

The Product-Channel Hit

Find one good product and one good distribution channel. You only need to find it once. Not many times. After that, you promote, again and again. Then rinse and repeat for the next ones.

Dear awesome diary,
I found an interesting thoughts on Twitter…

Alex shared that he believes a founder just need one good product or services and one good distribution channel.

We can sum up in an equation:

Define, HIT as successfully selling your product or service,


The best thing about this equation is, you should aim to get it right only once. After that you do: {promote}x{repeat}

Use a bottom-up approach

Alex says that the top-down approach is arguably too simple for him and did not work. He uses a bottom-up approach.

Top-down approach: planning every step (detailed plan + strategy) for starting

Bottom-up approach: getting out a quick working version of your product or services + see responses. If you see good cues, refine it with a strategy

Thoughts | Question Time:

  • How do you approach the search or identifying a distribution channel that works for you?

Do have the answers? How are you doing it?

I would love to hear what is working or not for you, use the comment form below.

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Tweet starter: @alexwestco (Alex West)

Who is Alex?

He is the founder of – which is generating $1.9K MRR as of July 2020.
Source: July 2020 Income July 2020 Income

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