2020.07.18 | The IndieDiary Log

  • Setup site/platform
    1. Prep server infrastructure
    2. Automate our deploy workflow with Ansible to regularly update the platform – w.r.t to WordPress Core, plugins and new features
      (we deploy with zero-downtime)
    3. Prep WordPress with Composer workflow
    4. WordPress tweaking
    5. custom theming
    6. code custom blocks
    7. Etc
  • Write down thoughts for home page
  • Create & write content for the different pages: terms, privacy, contact..etc
  • Think of the hierarchical approach for the site – w.r.t categories & tags as well
  • Draft first version of our questionnaire for interviewees – v1.0
  • Create logo & other graphics for pages
  • Setup profile page for twitter – @IndieDiaryCom
  • For now we will focus only on Twitter – one social platform at a time.
  • Start reaching out to awesome indie founders
  • TARGET: Secure at least 3 founders for the month of July

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