How Mom of 3-year-old Starts A Podcast Management Business

Indie Founder Rose Fermocil from the Philippines | Avoid shiny object syndrome

Rose Fermocil, an indie entrepreneur from the Philippines, went from being software QA engineer to founding her own business ( despite being a mom of a 3-year-old.

About This Indie Interview

This is the #1st installment of our Indie Interviews series to help aspiring indie founders & indie entrepreneurs to get inspired by listening from those successful indie founders who are already highly involved on the startup scene and *being there* taming the waves & surfing better than ever to achieve their dream – seeking financial freedom, working on projects that matters to them, getting a sense of accomplishment (in their own eyes) and working on their own schedule.

It is also an opportunity for new indie founders to get to know other like-minded indie entrepreneurs.

I hope you will derive as much fun to read my interviews as I’m having by interviewing those awesome indie founders, entrepreneurs & businesses.

And Now the Interview With the Indie Founder

### Spotlight on our today’s indie person

>> Please tell us about yourself + what your workstation looks like?

I am Rose Anne Fermocil from the Philippines. I’m a mom of a 3-year old pretty girl.

I am a web designer and a podcast manager for service-based businesses (fitness and business coaching industry).

I was once a corporate employee in the field of software engineering. I was a software QA engineer for eight years. I used to test the functionalities of website and software applications and provide solutions as well, as I’ve also been a part of a technical operations team.

And now, I design websites, and I’m applying the technical skills that I’ve learned during my corporate years.

My corporate experience helped me a lot in being who I am today. I’ve developed my core values such as integrity and respect for individuals which are very important when it comes to building client relationships.

Who inspires me? My daughter. I’ve wanted to build my own business during my younger adult years, but I kept on getting back to being an employee.

And now that I have my biggest WHY there’s no turning back. I’ve got to move forward and forward.

My Workstation – I’m working on our dining table. We’re about to move to our new house in a couple of months, and I’ll have my home office there. YAY!

The Workstation of indie entrepreneur, Rose Fermocil
The Workstation of indie entrepreneur, Rose Fermocil

>> Do you have a routine to start your day off  + how do you keep yourself motivated as an indie entrepreneur?

I work out, and I consider working out as my “me” time even when my daughter is just beside me playing or teaching me stretching exercises lol. Working out keeps my energy high and running. 

I wake up before 6 AM and do some breathing exercises outside of our home. And, when I still feel sleepy, I would work out for 10 minutes and then take my morning shower. 

I squeeze in a 30-minute workout in the late afternoon or at night. It also allows me to release my stress during my work hours in the day.

I also listen to motivational & meditation music, podcast and read books.

### The Indie Person as an Indie Founder/Entrepreneur

>> What change are you seeking to make to the world?

I want to create jobs for my fellow Filipinos, especially those who lost theirs during this time of the pandemic.

>> The books or material you recommend?

I read books and different online articles for me to gain more knowledge about the industry I’m in and for personal growth.

When I first started to become interested in building my own business, I read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and then it made me want to read more books to learn more.

>> What ONE habit played an important part for you as an indie founder?

Working out – it teaches me to stay committed to what I started. When I work out, my body gets energized, and my mind feels refreshed to seize the day again.

### The Business of the indie person

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>> Tell us about your indie business: the beginning, your aha moment & how you come up with the naming?

My business is called Your Podcast Matters (

I came up with this name because I do podcast editing, management, and all podcast-related matters.

Additionally, I believe that podcasters put an effort to launch their podcast because they have an important message to share with the world, and someone might need to hear that message.

And, I want people to know that every podcast matters.

>> Who is your ideal customer & what problem(s) are you trying to solve?

My ideal customers are service-based businesses, within the fitness and business industry, who already have their podcasts started or who are perhaps planning to launch theirs.

>> How are you building trust to attract customers?

I started getting clients through conversations in social media, and now, new clients are from referrals of my previous clients.

It becomes a snowball effect when you value relationships with your clients.

>> What is your business model – how are you generating revenue & making it profitable?

I generate money by offering our podcast editing and management services.

We consistently connect with potential clients to make sure that our pipeline is full, and we offer retainer services for our current clients.

>> In the context of this indie business, what does success mean to you?

Success, for me, is when I see people whose lives I’ve touched are also moving forward toward their success journey.

>> What tech stack, infrastructure & tools are you using to power your business?

Since I am also a web designer, I build my website on WordPress and use Paypal as a payment gateway.

Hosting – I use SiteGround. I’ve been with them for about two years already, and the customer support and performance have been amazing.

WP Plugins – I am solid with Thrive Themes (Thrive Theme Builder & Architect for website, funnels & landing pages; Thrive Leads for lead generation forms)

Productivity – I use ClickUp and Asana for managing projects and tasks.

### Key Learning Points

>> What ONE mistake (failure) you made & which we can learn from?

It is essential that you invest in yourself, either through books or online courses. BUT, make sure to choose the right one that you really need to grow.

Avoid shiny object syndrome. I used to buy different courses, thinking that I need them but most of them I never completed.

>> The hardest part about launching a business is _______?

Starting is really the hardest. Like I really didn’t know what or where or how to start.

>> Your best advice for indie beginners

Know your biggest WHY – why do you want to start. Then learn the “what” & “how” by finding your mentor and your tribe.

>> Your advice for indie founders in general

Think less of you and more of the people that need your help, whether they’re your customers or your crew.

### Sweet Self Promotion because the indie person deserves it!

>> Your project(s) that you want to share + where can you be found online & best way to reach out to you?

I do both web design and podcast editing/management. Though in this interview, I focused on podcast editing/management because I have already trained my people how to do related tasks. 

If you’re keen to learn more about me and the services I provide, please visit:

And, if you are a podcaster or thinking of launching one, feel free to email me at

Thank you! 

Claim your (free) 30%-off coupon to unlock 100+ deals on tools/services to supercharge your startup journey! (worth up to $50,000)

Get practical insights from successful indie founders – Learn from their mistakes, save time knowing what actually works!

Get top hand-picked delivery of personal growth, startup & business resources to nourish your entrepreneurial mind.


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