Indie | The Meaning

The word indie can mean different thing to different people or entities, ranging from film making, art, sports, online entrepreneurs or tech-preneurs.

Irrespective of the indie niche you are in, there is one fundamental ethos that emerges – independence.

For most indie founders, being independent can mean:

  • seeking freedom
  • financial independence
  • creating a side hustle until something is substantial enough to quit your day job
  • working on our own schedule
  • working with people we are comfortable
  • working on projects and tasks that matters to us
  • working in an environment that promotes the type of energy level we need

Indie Diary | The Why

Being an indie founder also mean we are not seeking for VC, because we want to be free from stress, free from being accountable to anyone except oneself, free to do anything our heart desires – to scratch that itch. And lucky are so many of us who are able to turn that itch into a financial independence, to help us turn all the tides to rise as high as we possibly can!

But the path, the commitment, the hows, the whys, the what and the mental thought to put in, can be discouraging.

That’s WHY Indie Diary is born.

I am passionate about people, more precisely about people who have the courage and the wisdom to forge ahead and be independent – daunting that lion like a hot iron.

I want to find what drives them. I want to find what makes them wake up in the morning like a lion. I want to find out what keeps them moving forward like hot iron. I want to get to them all, all of them, irrespective of what they pursue, irrespective of where they are from.

Come, join me on this magical journey, there is so much awesome stuffs to be discovered!

This diary is hungry to write down all the inspiring insights, motivating thoughts and wisdom of indie founders. Aye!

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